All About: Chewy Noh and the Legends of Spring

All About: Chewy Noh and the Legends of Spring


Why the title?

This title, like all my titles, is in reference to other things within the book. As any reader of the third book knows, Chewy’s mom changed his name like certain Koreans do in order to secure a better future. Unfortunately, Chewy got stuck with Bo-mi, which is similar in sound to the Korean word for ‘Spring.’

On top of that, as Chewy navigates through this strange, new time–fifteen years into the future–he begins to see he’s not alone. In fact, a very famous Korean legend is right there along side him, tracking his every move. What makes it worse, is it’s not even the legend he knows.

And finally, with Chewy’s abrupt disappearance from fifteen years earlier, his old neighborhood has nothing to do but speculate on what actually happened in Chewy’s old house  before he was gone. In this way, this book further carries the ‘rumor’ theme from the prior books and distorts it in a new way, as rumor gives way to legend, and the whole town concocts a different way of looking at things.


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