Why?: Chewy Noh and the March of Death

Why?: Chewy Noh and the March of Death


The Dedication

To J.J. Byun

Sadly, the Chewy to my Clint

The dedication of this book is to one of my students. He is the one whom I started it with as a writing project. He’d write his book and I mine–something like tandem writing. We were not in it to collaborate, but he did inspire certain aspects of Chewy, as did many of my other male students.

This book, however, is personally dedicated to him because of the Korea that is described in the book, and a particular social event that is hashed out by Su Bin, Chewy’s cousin. It was a boat accident that killed many people, and I personally feel it was handle wrong by all involved: the boat company, the government, and especially the media. This event then lends itself as a major piece to the theme of the book and just one theme of the entire Chewy Noh series.

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