Top Three Self Published Books of 2015

Top Three Self Published Books (I’ve read in 2015)

Out of the thirty books I reviewed last year, here were the best. I wanted to give them a little nod before I move onto this year’s list. Here goes.

1) Solitaire Prince by Tyan Wyss


This book came to me through a reading group on goodreads. At first, I was worried about what this group would offer up, but overall, it was an amazing experience. Many good writers with a basic understanding of how to treat others were apart of it. And I was thoroughly surprised to read this one, the first book selected by the group.

It is professional to a ‘T.’ With only maybe two mistakes in the entire book when it comes to grammar, most anyone can enjoy it. On top of this, the story flows relentlessly after the second chapter opens. The author did an amazing job with tension and the story wraps up nicely.

For these reasons and more, I still stand by my five star rating. I suggest it to anyone. 

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2) Betrayal of Ka by Shea Oliver


After a long string of poorly constructed books, I came upon this one. In all fairness, other reviewers I know gave this a slightly lower grade than my perfect score, and I fully understand why. The beginning is a little clunky, but I still feel the writer picks up the slack fast, yanking us along as the main character, Ka, is thrown about from one event to the next.

Besides that, somehow the author was able to toss in so many different plotlines that you end up rooting for many different characters, and even feel a guilty thrill watch the devilish ones go about their business. In fact, the book was so jammed pack, I wouldn’t be amazed that I’ve already forgotten some of the storylines. In that case, I might have to reread it when he comes out with the next in the series.

Anyone who loves Sci-fi enjoyably done should pick up this book. 

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3) Red Bone by Matt Phillips


This one was particularly interesting. I had just started this blog and my adventure into getting my things read and reviewed when I got a review request from this author. It was for a short story collection of his. I figured it would be easy and not too difficult. I was half right.

It turned out to be a collection from over many years, and to be honest, the beginning was rough. I found myself doubting the read, and played with the idea more than once of dropping the book altogether. What was amazing was that it got better. The writing matured. And I said as much in my review.

Then some time after, the author shot me an e-mail requesting I check out his new one—a full novel this time. I said sure and was very happy I did so. He kept the maturity from his former writing and added pacing and control. The book flowed wonderfully and painted the life of a blue-collar worker exceptionally. The only reason I didn’t give it a full five stars was because I felt a few notes were off. But it was an amazing read nonetheless, and I have a feeling his next will astound.

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Honorable Mention



By Isabella MacLeod

This book actually came right after The Betrayal of Ka and was so shockingly different in genre and style that it caught me right away. It had a startling realism and compelling voice all its own. Blatantly, it scared the crap out of me.

However, it didn’t get into the top three for a very crucial reason–also the same reason it didn’t receive a full rating–because it technically had no ending. And I don’t mean the author gave something ambiguous for us to figure out for ourselves. I would’ve loved that. No, she left it open for the next book, which is, to say the least, irksome.

Above all, every character in the book is so despicable, so deceitful and self-serving, that it only reaffirms the notion that all adults are nothing more than glorified children ruling with false authority. Frightening!

Buy it here.

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          1. I’m actually excited you and a couple others are looking forward to it. LOL. (Silly, right?) Speaking of sheer number of books, I just realized I’m reading like…8 … *sigh* I need to buckle down and actually finish some of them.

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