Top Three Series I Won’t Finish

Top Three Series I Won’t Be Continuing

The one thing anyone loves—I’m sure—is an awesome series, especially if it’s already fully written and you can just keep jumping from one book to the next. I’m reminiscent of series like Harry Potter, The Millennium Trilogy, and more. But every so often you read the first installment and—ugh—you don’t ever want to see the other books again. Here are my top three:

1) The Chaos Walking Trilogy

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I read the first book and…couldn’t stand it. Despite the premise being interesting and kind of unique in many ways, the rest of it was predictable and lackluster. Even the point when most other readers said they cried and were scarred for life (a side character’s death) I was barely moved. Most of the book was just running away with a slight reveal at the end of what really was far too long a book with such little real story and too many plot holes. I advise many to avoid this whole series.

2) Darker Side of Magic Series

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This series hasn’t been finished yet—I think the last installment is coming out soon—but I won’t be touching it. The writing was unbearably bad. Every chapter repeated things from chapters before. It got so bad that I began to skim which I usually don’t do for traditionally published books, which tells you how bad it actually was. On top of that, the characters were mind-numbingly flat and dull, and none of the surprises got me. In fact, I already predicted what would happen in the upcoming books, so…I don’t need to read them. Sweet!

3) Miss Peregrine’s School of Peculiar Children

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I had really high hopes for this one. All the hoopla around it promised a good read that I really wanted to translate into a good series, but unfortunately, nope! The beginning seemed okay and interesting, and at first the writing was pretty good. Then came the middle part: dead! As soon as they got to the island where these kids are, it dragged and just seemed like scene after scene of situation built to show off their varied powers. Then you finally find out what the main character’s power is and the baddies in the book, and I just couldn’t take it. Again, it felt like a kid wrote the ending. Huge disappointment!

All in all, I’m willing to give an author a try, but for these series—whoo!—they sucked.

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