End of July

End of July Review

July is done. Nothing more to say.

Books Read and/or Reviewed

I’ve completely petered out on my indie book reviews. I hope with the beginning of the next school semester I’ll be able to start off better. So far, not so good, though. I did read however, despite the meager amounts done.


The first book I complete was the non-fiction Sway. I was hoping for something in the way of Malcolm Gladwell and any one of his books. Unfortunately, it was a bit dry and lackluster. Some of the stories were unknown and interesting, but like Gladwell’s earlier books, they lacked focus and self-control. Maybe I’ll try this book’s authors again. I don’t know.


The second was The Golden Compass. I struggled through this overly wrought, too highly acclaimed book. The characters weren’t that amazing and things were to haphazardly put together, not to mention the idea of another child linked to a prophetic story. I know this predates Harry Potter but still some moments are so abstruse only to be followed by weak childlike writing, I couldn’t get into it. The most intriguing things were the daemons and even that was sparse and far between.


The third book was 69. This book was a delight. Not only was the voice unique, but it was highly entertaining and gave a view of post-war Japan in a tiny town that was fun. The main character is not admirable, and that was fine. Only after reading did I find out it was autobiographical. Definitely will check out other of his stuff, especially after discovering he also wrote the terrifying movie/book ‘Audition.’


The fourth book was a reread for class, Wuthering Heights. It was just as good as the first time, but I’m still at a lost for what would drive some people to be so horrible, or why any one would idolize characters from this story. It feels so soap opera-y, but maybe that’s just me.


And lastly, Me Talk Pretty One Day. Another re-read. It was funny and I completely forgot how crazy the Sedaris family can be. My students loved it, despite the occasional swear word and the reference to homosexuality. A must read.

Book Reviews Received

Nothing here to talk about.

Progress on 2016 goals

  • Finish Chewy 5: Done!
  • Read ‘The Recognitions’: Done!
  • Compiling my Editing book: TBA
  • Finish ‘All the Things in the Unknown World’: Last month, I was at roughly 30,000 words, now I’m well over 50,000. The thing is: the more I write, the more comes up. This story doesn’t seem to be short. In fact, it may beat out my highest number with the Chewy series. This is the book I hope to shop around.

Next Month’s Agenda

I hope to have some charge back for next month. If anything, I just want to finish my next book and get it ready to send out.


One thought on “End of July

  1. How do you keep this u during the summer, Tim?! Kudos to you, I’ve fallen behind on pretty much all my goals 😦 what with the traveling and the summertime living… All I can say is I’m ready for fall! Well done, keep up the good work!


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