End of March Review

End of March Review


With a new semester and many projects, I am constantly busy. Nonetheless, I’ve managed my time to get some things done, though I would have hoped to have gotten more chapters and reviews fit in during that time. Here goes.


Books Read and/or Reviewed

Sadly, I have not gotten back into the full swing of things, hitting all those indie written books. A part of me deeply regrets this as I read over 30 last year. I hope to return to it soon. In the meantime, I have kept up with my reading, as shown below.

6750.jpg        28921.jpg       2118745.jpg

The Broom of the System is a must for all DFW fans, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his chops before he wrote the indomitable IJ. The philosophy in it alone spun me on my head and kept me making connects and searching on the web for lost information. Sparkling book.

Remains of the Day was a reread with a student, but still wonderful to re-experience, especially since I last read it in university. The subtly felt even stronger this time seeing it through my student’s eyes, and the mistakes Stevens makes so earth-shattering in the end.

Lastly, Ness’ The Knife of Never Letting Go. As the theme seems to be showing more and more to me with these pop-books, I am not entirely on board with certain ‘darlings’ that others out there love. I found his writing stagnant, his plotting rushed and underdeveloped, and some of his dialogue unbelievably trite. I will not be reading the sequel, just as I won’t pick up another Ransom Riggs book.


Book Reviews Received

I’ve received two reviews for Chewy this month. One for the third book, seen here; and one for the first book, here. Though both didn’t award either book with as high of stars as I would’ve hope, these reviews are amazingly well done and show a certain invaluable perspective that only these reviewers could provide. I think both of them immensely, and suggest you check out their sites.


Progress on 2016 goals

  • Finish Chewy 5: My progress here is beyond good for me. I’ve finished the fourth part, which is monumentally on schedule. I desire to have the book in its entirety done before May for the first round of edits, so that by the end of May my Alpha readers can tackle it.
  • Read ‘The Recognitions’: Yes! I’ve finally started it! I have gotten about 70 pages in—which some may not say is such a remarkable thing to rave about—but this is hard book! Even The Correction’s author, Franzen, has called it one of the hardest books he’s ever tackle, so I’m not feeling so bad with my mediocre start.
  • Compiling my Editing book: I got one more of the last eight posts up this month. I hope next month will offer more and get me closer to crossing this goal off.


Next Month’s Agenda

With upcoming exams and a tentative weekend alone, I hope to push Chewy through to the end, along with move my progress in Recognitions up to the two hundred page mark. As I’m currently entrenched in Arundhati Roy’s wonderful ‘The God of Small Things’, I will hopefully be returning to my review list afterwards, as well as fitting in a little Pynchon. Lastly, my editing posts should find one or two more up in the upcoming weeks as well.



2 thoughts on “End of March Review

  1. Congratulations on your two new Chewy reviews, as well as on the progress of Chewy 5. I wish we could all say we’re ahead of our schedules… Lovely reads too, for March. I”m in a more contemplative mood that has led to some pretty great rereads lately, and The Remains of The Day might just fit neatly with that… I just bought A Monster Calls, to read it with my son, btw 🙂 So, no a big fan of Ransom Riggs then? Would you believe it that I only read the first book, and nothing since?
    Great job all around, Tim. Keep up the good effort!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tell me how A Monster Calls goes. Despite not liking The Knife of Never Letting Go, I’m still curious about that one. Hope to see a write up from you when you and your son finish.


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