Top Three Things Planned for 2016

Top Three Things Planned for 2016

In a way, it’s like a over-done New Years Resolution. However, making a list does seem to put the extra, added pressure sometimes to get things done. So here goes.

1) Finish my first series

Chewy Noh

My first goal is to complete the Chewy Noh series I started over a year ago. Currently, I’m editing book four and writing book five. When I started, I had intended on only writing one. It began as a project with one of my students who also wanted to practice writing stories. I had never written anything for a younger age group, so I tried one for my students while he went along with his thriller story.

As of yet, he is about half way through his, and I think he’s learned a lot. As for me, I’ve seen my writing change immensely. Not only that, but I’ve pick up a lot of info regarding publishing, self-publishing, and the way the marketing of books works. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed all of it. In fact, I find much of it disagreeable and poorly run, but that’s the system we’ve got.

Once Chewy is done I don’t know if I’ll write Middle Grade again.

2) My Reading Project


I originally started this blog roughly a year ago in order to have a site for people to locate my writing, especially Chewy Noh. However, over the years, I’ve seen people use their sights for many other things as well. One use in particular caught my eye.

Every spring, I try to push myself into a book that looks daunting or difficult. The whole aim is to finish one of these books before the end of my teaching semester. Three years ago, I tackled Infinite Jest. It was fun and fulfilling, though trying with its abrupt ending and convoluted writing style. From there, the next year, I chose James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. I just barely got through it in time, as some parts were slow and mind-numbingly hard. Truthfully, I fell asleep at times. Some time in the future I will try it again. They say you have to read Finnegan’s Wake twice. The first time through is a mistake, and I’d have to agree.

However, this year I fully plan on reading the famous not famous book, Recognitions by William Gaddis. I’ve only heard amazing things about it, and peeking in, it appears not to be so troublesome in style, but more so in length. Or at least, I hope.

3) Begin my two new writing projects


Stemming from my work on Chewy Noh, I have two books I’d like to start and hopefully complete in the upcoming year.

First, I want to compile a lot of my posts on grammar and rework them into a comprehensive but fast, little book on the nuts and bolts of editing. Though Strunk and White is awesome for foundation, I’ve had many detailed questions that it didn’t seemed to address. In this way, I hope to provide an aid for others who may be searching for a book to help avoid the dreaded bad reviews that focus on weak grammar.

Second, having done a younger age group, I would like to shift to something older. I know older markets are much more saturated, but I want to be able to tackle more abstruse topics and make worlds where lines aren’t so clearly drawn. I know one major complaint about my younger works is the inappropriate themes. Parents tend to like their children reading something with a distinct and clear moral. For some reason, they frown at children being presented with any form of ambiguity. Whatever.


With only three on my list, I think this year’s goals will hopefully be easy to achieve. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Top Three Things Planned for 2016

  1. Oh, you’ve got your heart set on some really big goals, Tim! Good luck to you, my friend ❤ I haven't even got around to considering New Year resolutions yet (still dealing with Christmas, lol). Tackling "big" books is always a worthy pursuit, and I'll probably include it as well on my list… Merry Christmas!


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