Melody Jackson V. the Woman in White

Melody Jackson V. the Woman in White

(Genre Fiction)


By B.M.B Johnson





Melody has big plans, and they all start with the weather station outside her house. For a young girl, it can be hard, but there is a reason, and she has her parents to help. Unfortunately, there’s something much greater at work with the weather station and soon her whole family finds a mystery no one intended on discovering.


The writing is wonderful and quirky, depicting the characters’ unique way of thinking and viewpoint of the world in a clear way, as you can see below.

Melody slumped, and more or less gave the impression of a melted candle.

Besides this distinct writing, there were delightfully few flaws or mistakes. Whoever did the editing did a fantastic job. Spotless!



Clearly, this is where the book shined. Melody is a scatter-brained pre-teen, well versed in her world despite being home-schooled. She is unusual, but not so much so that it doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood around her. It is obvious right away that she’s inherited her unique point of view from her parents—two oddballs in their own right.

No one fills a stereotypical role in this story, which does grant it a great amount of creativity and fun. The father is snarky and witty. The mother is sharp, but boisterous, and all the side characters are menacing, but peculiar. Nobody acts the way you would think they’d act.


Here’s where I had my problems.

Immediately, I found it hard to get into the story. First off, it had a prelude that was a bit hard to sink into. This was followed by a first chapter, which showed more characterizing than plot. It wasn’t until the father popped up in the second chapter that I actually got to see a bit more appear as for story content. On top of this, the father’s personality is a perfect contrast to Melody’s and highlights her much better than the mother’s.

Once the plot got rolling, it kept on going except for the occasional pauses when characters rambled on tangents or added snarky side notes. For the most part, it was entertaining, but sometimes annoying as I wished it stuck with the story.

On top of this, the chapters were a certain size until midway through when an enormous one was dropped on me, spanning triple the size of other ones. Reviewing over the aforementioned chapter, I noticed a point or two where it could’ve been broken up to add more cohesion to the book flow as a whole.

Lastly, the book ends suddenly with a dramatic twist. I’m not saying that it’s bad, but it feels off for such an oddball cast of characters. Added to this, I was left with little sense of closure. The story greatly feels open-ended. I’m not sure if the writer chose this in order to bring readers back, or if the story continues on in the next installment. Either way, it was unsettling, and I know from experience most readers don’t enjoy being so sorely left on the hook.


In short, it was fun. The characters cracked me up a lot. They had delightful dialogue and a good amount of witty back-and-forth. Everybody was loveable and convincing in their own weird ways. In the end, I just wished the resolution tied more together and didn’t leave so many unanswered questions. On top of this, I kind of wanted to see more of the army of boys Melody so often references. Seeing them in action would’ve been awesome, especially in the climax.


To check out the book, click here.

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