Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous

Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous

(Children’s book)


By Gita Reddy





Bala-Gala encounters many dangers, changing each time into something more fitting for its environment.


I’ve read many books on the myths and beliefs of India. Their gods are sly and all-powerful, and usually have a much greater plan in mind for whatever they do. Nothing is simple.

With this book, I can’t help having the same feeling that something much bigger is going on. The author presents her story in clear, concise prose—the simplicity of which rings like so many of those myths.

Bala-Gala did not mean to frighten his little friends but he was so large and powerful that when he ran, the ground shook under his feet.

On top of this, the names for all the creatures and elements in the environment come off with playful, yet telling sounds. We have the ‘River Kanga,’ and ‘Brammy-Gommy,’ not to mention our main character.

With the twist in the end, this story can be nothing more than a simple children’s story or a deep allegory. Simple stories are best for that reason. They reflect more upon the reader than the writer. We are left responsible to sift through it and figure it out.


It was a simple story, maybe too simple for some. That is the only reason I gave it a lower score than the highest. I’ve read other simple books and have come away with something missing, but with this one, I found there was much more hidden inside. The only complaint I’d like to make is that reading it in e-book format, the pictures were always a swipe away. It would’ve been wonderful to have them side by side with the text.


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