The Pink Dolphin Tale

The Pink Dolphin Tale

(Kids Book)

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By Ruthz SB






The World listens on as Bebe recounts her tale of the pink dolphin—a story of growth, change, and self-realization.



 The hardest part with any book is determining in which way to judge it. You need to be in the right mindset and understand the target audience. I have a young daughter, so I thought it would be easy to slip into my ‘kid-reading mode.’ But this book is of a different breed.

‘Bebe moved her to a bathtub, but the next day the pink dolphin grew so big that the tub could no longer fit her.’

This phrasing is repeated throughout the middle of the book with slight variation, and as the reader, get a little monotonous, but that’s where it shines. This book isn’t supposed to be one of those rollicking romps into imagination or a thrilling twister with a play on words and sounds. This book seems built for the early reader—simple, colorful, and packed with a message.



I got what the book was aiming for: easy reading for its young audience. My daughter is just on the verge of diving into books like this and there is definitely a niche for it. If you remember back to those first days of reading, you might recall the joy of simple, light books such as this. The only reason I gave it a four-star review is because I just didn’t go ‘wow!’ over it. In every other way, it’s a wonderful read…and as it appears the author publishes some of her books in German too. In this way, it could even tap into the beginner readers of another language. Sweet!

If you want to check out the book, click here.


2 thoughts on “The Pink Dolphin Tale

  1. I’ve seen this one on another blog, which also featured a flattering review. It makes me really sad that my son has outgrown this 😦 We’re into Harry Potter and Oliver Twist territory now… Wonderful review, thank you!


    1. Reading by himself? I have mixed feelings as my daughter gets closer and closer to that stage. They can read amazing books then, but we become a little bit more useless.


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