My Top Three Binge Blogs

My Top Three Binge Blogs

To clarify, these are the writers I don’t visit on a daily or weekly basis. I only check them out once a month and then take in everything I’ve missed over the prior weeks. In all three, there is this hard-to-pinpoint factor that causes me to open multiple pages on my browser with different posts from their site. Hopefully, others agree as well.


1) Glenn Hates Books


My top three are in no particular order, but if forced, this guy would be at the top, and it’s easy to see why. His hatred for books has become a passion that explodes in every single review. But, where others may just bash books indiscriminately with blind malice, his anger is rooted in real life. Lodged in many of his reviews are personal anecdotes and points of view that—although sometimes best reserved for the over eighteen crowd—show a real person and opinion behind them.

Why Binge-worthy?: Reading his reviews, you feel like you should start one of those slow-claps from so many 80’s (or were they 90’s?) movies. He says what too many of us won’t say. He cuts the politeness and mannerly conduct we are used to. And, for some reason, I just like this guy. I can’t help but laugh or, shyly, agree with every word he writes. He’s also got a book out, collecting his best reviews.


 2) Pocketful of Books


Here, the title may be elusive. It looks like any other bibliophile’s blog to praise the selected golden authors of one blogger’s favorite genre. However, there is much more, specifically the page: Authors Behaving Badly. In this section, you find a detailed account of when certain authors flip out—over bad reviews or petty comments—and then unwisely take to the Internet to criticize readers while trying to exact some revenge along the way.

 Why Binge-worthy?: Each account is heavily detailed. Most of the time, it provides the actual posts these flabbergasted and enraged authors have put out there. It’s like watching a car accident—you can tell instantly when things have gotten out of control and that there’s no turning back. Above all, you marvel at how anyone can be goaded into such a situation. In the end, any budding author should learn that, most of the time, it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

 3) Helping Writers Become Authors


This site has hundreds of posts—usually succinct and very focused—on how to improve your writing. I’ve seen many other sites like this, but for some reason I always find myself returning to this one to discover something new and interesting. Although the author doesn’t have too many fiction books under her belt, her advice is sound and helpful. Quite often too, I find many examples in her posts that help illuminate what she’s expressing.

Why Binge-worthy?: This one is a bit different from the top two that—to be honest—bank their attention at the expense of others. This one is genuine, not to mention helpful. On top of that, there doesn’t seem to be so much fluff. Others that post these kinds of pieces weigh them down with a lot of useless hemming-and hawing. Here it’s clean and to the point. I appreciate that, especially when I have ten windows open with different posts by her. In that way, with a spare fifteen minutes, I can clean my browser off and be on to something else that is equally if not less productive.


Last Words

Check them out. I thoroughly recommend all three. Thanks!

Otherwise, please leave a comment telling me some of yours.

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