Glenn Hates Books (Book Review)

Glenn Hates Books

(Brutally Honest Book Reviews Vol.1)



By Glenn Conley





Glenn hates books. The title tells it all. He was not a fan of reading or writing or school for that matter when he was younger—as his blog proclaims—but somehow, he does an awful a lot now. And he holds nothing back.


It’s a book compiling blog posts from this guy, Glenn’s, blog. Nothing more, nothing less. So to comment about structure would be a little ridiculous, but he does have his own style and format.

Usually, he starts each review with his own ‘rating system’ based off five stars as in:

‘2 of 5 Puny Human Stars’


‘3 of 5 Whiney-Ass-Bitch Stars’

I hope you get the gist, as these were the cleaner ones.


He then launches into a tirade either for or against a book (usually against) ripping it to shreds with occasional digressions into his personal background just so we’ll all know exactly where this specific book-hatred is spewing from. And of course, he does in his own style.

‘This book is amazing in its effort to suck donkey balls.’


‘This book is just a really bad Law & Order episode. And I fucking hate Law & Order. Can’t stand that stupid show.’

Now you may ask, why this book is worthwhile reading—it’s a book of reviews after all. Well, that’s were it is interesting. When I check out a book on any website, I instantly skip the gushing five stars. If there are only five stars, I know every family member and friend has read the book. All five stars is code for crap.

That’s why I dive into the one star and four star reviews. They give you perspective. And Glenn here’s got a lot of it. So much so, that when you finally hit his small, but elite five star books, you realized two things: one) Glenn has a particular taste in his reading which may or may not match your own; and two) there must be something here if these books were able to escape his wrath.

Personally, I found one new author, Ned Vizzini, because of this book. If you can walk away with that much, than it can’t be that bad.


Besides a wide arrange of books, Glenn’s reviews remind me most of those wonderful moments on American Idol when Simon Cowell shreds apart those ridiculous contestants that try to measure up to an impossible standard. In other words, these books take a beating, and who doesn’t like that. Why a four star review? Easy. It’s a book reviewing books. But an entertaining one at that.


If you want to learn more about this book, click here.

If you actually want to learn more about the author and his blog (be forewarned), click here.

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